Technical Support

Technical support to everyone who has purchased The Clockwork Man from Total Eclipse is free.

If you are facing a technical issue or have found a bug in the game, please use the Support Form on the Total Eclipse website.

Before you do though, please check the FAQ section, as there may already be a resolution to your issue.

Available in 10 languages!


Customer testimonial

Beautiful graphics/pictures, nice voice overs, lovely music, correct English dialog, generous hint system, no timer for relaxing, no penalties for wrong clicks can replay again with a different hidden object list.

I am quite pleased with my experience with you. Very kind, helpful and responded very fast to problems. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Dawn from AZ, USA.

Random screenshot

Fixing the Zeppelin engine - The Clockwork Man has many challenging puzzles for you to solve!

Random hidden object

Amethyst Ring

All of our hidden objects in the game have been meticulously hand-painted to ensure a unique experience for you!

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