The Clockwork Man Tips and Tricks

Knowing what to do

Use the Question Mark Button next to Sprocket.  It should tell you what you need to be doing in each scene and will provide you with the right direction.  Take advantage of it as it can be a real help!

Get a feel for the scene

Take a look around before you start clicking.  Sometimes getting your bearings can help clear a scene faster than looking to Sprocket for help.  Knowing how the scene is laid out will help you find the nooks & crannies where objects are hidden.

Your mouse is more than a finding tool

It can help you open cabinets, pick up items or assemble tools.  Pay close attention to your cursor as each time it changes, it can interact with items in a brand new way.

Read your List Before you start

Some lists will contain multiple instances of the same item.  For example, you might have to find 10 dolls or 5 bracelets.  Knowing that in advance can help you in your search for the items and make the scene a little easier to complete.

Scrolling scenes scroll!

Don’t forget to explore the whole environment each time you get this message at the beginning of a scene.  There are many ways to scroll too.  Clicking, holding and moving the mouse is the easiest one but the arrow keys work great as well!

Zooming scenes zoom!

Some of the items on your list are hidden in the zoomable part of a scene.  Each time you find a zoomable scene you get a message at the beginning of it.  Zooming in and out will be the only way to find all the items and enjoy the beauty of the scenes The Clockwork Man has to offer.

The Object Database is your friend

When you ask Sprocket to use the Object Database, you get an image representation of the item you’re looking for without consuming too much energy.  Move on without wearing our little friend out!

Puzzles are meant to be challenging

Don’t get frustrated.  The hint system will definitely help and besides you can always hit the ‘Skip’ button if you’re not having fun with it anymore. 

The Metal Detector is a Powerful Tool

Did you know that many of the items in your list are composed of metal?  The Metal Detector will help you find all of them but it will also suck Sprocket’s energy.  Use it wisely.

Check your Grandfather’s List Periodically

There are quite a few things to find and this will let you know what’s left.

Solve the Puzzles by using Hints

Miranda’s path to finding her grandfather is full of obstacles.  Some of the puzzles she had to solve require her full attention and Sprocket isn’t there to help!  So use the Hints provided in case you find a puzzle very difficult.

Secret Advice: click the Hint button twice or more.  Each time will reveal different information on how to advance the puzzle.

Read the Dialogue

Each time Miranda meets a new person a conversation will begin.  These chats won’t help you finish the game but if you take your time to read them, you’ll put yourself in Miranda’s shoes.  You might even solve some of the mysteries faster!

Play again (and again)

So you helped Miranda find her Grandfather.  Did you know that you can play again and your item list will be composed of all different items? 

Think you’ve beaten The Clockwork Man?  Think again!

Take your time

Some of the items you’ve got to find are really well hidden.  You did know that already, didn’t you?  It’s sometimes better to lay back and search carefully rather than turn to Sprocket.  He could use some relaxation after all.  Give him a little break until he’s fully recharged.

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Customer testimonial

Just finished the game and absolutely LOVED it - will be looking forward to the sequel.

Again, thanks for your help. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Maryalice from MO, USA.

Random screenshot

Miranda's Lab - Beautiful hand-drawn art and challenging hidden object gameplay

Random hidden object

Amethyst Ring

All of our hidden objects in the game have been meticulously hand-painted to ensure a unique experience for you!

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