Are you the proud owner of a copy of The Clockwork Man or just having a great time playing the trial?

Write us at feedback@totaleclipsegames.com, tell us what you think of the game and your comments will probably make it here for everyone else to see.

Regarding The Clockwork Man

Beautiful graphics/pictures, nice voice overs, lovely music, correct English dialog, generous hint system, no timer for relaxing, no penalties for wrong clicks can replay again with a different hidden object list.

I am quite pleased with my experience with you. Very kind, helpful and responded very fast to problems. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Dawn from AZ, USA.

Just finished the game and absolutely LOVED it - will be looking forward to the sequel.

Again, thanks for your help. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Maryalice from MO, USA.

Played the game all afternoon and it was wonderful.

Love the graphics and the scrolling. The voice overs were very well done and the artwork was gorgeous. Game play was great too!!

Thank you ever so much.

A hungry hidden object fan who was very satisfied, Rhonda from MN, USA.

Keep making great games and I'll keep buying them :)

Keep up the good work :) Oh and thank you for the fast replies, very nice

Meg from VA, USA.

Your game is absolutely great, beta tested and loved it then.

Thank you for a great game.

Terri from FL, USA.

Regarding our Customer Service

Thank you for such a fast response. Total Eclipse has the very best customer service of just about any customer service I have dealt with, not just gaming.

Your responses are very quick, not condescending, personalized and friendly - using the customers first name, and I could go on.

So, thank you, also, for being top notch in customer support. (Pike's Fish Market may think they have cornered the market on good customer service, but most companies could learn a lot from Total Eclipse as well.)

Linda from NC, USA.

I must say that your customer service is so far the BEST I have experienced on the web. This is my first dealings with you and I am VERY impressed!!!

Karen from CA, USA.

I would just like to thank you for your prompt response.

I did not expect such a quick response considering the fact that you worked around the clock to rectify the problem. I assure you that if Total Eclipse offers another game that I will be one of the first to buy from you!

You have been outstanding in your efforts to help everyone. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Again, Thank You!!!

Sheila from ME, USA.

You people have been great, thank you ever so much for your assistance. Have a good one.

Terri from FL, USA.

If you guys are anything it's fast!

Thanks so much for being there when I needed you. Other companies will string you out for 3 days.

Nancy from MA, USA.

My friends have said this is a wonderful game and well worth the wait, also the speed and personalized nature of your responses have really given me a great deal of confidence in your company.

As soon as this gets resolved, I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends looking for a new game.

Kathleen from IL, USA.

Working like a charm and it is soooo beautiful!

I appreciate your helping me out, but I especially appreciate your very quick responses.

Thank you ever so much.

Minette from LA, USA.

Available in 10 languages!


Random screenshot

New Coventry Map - Many georgeous locations for you to explore!

Random hidden object

Bellows Camera

All of our hidden objects in the game have been meticulously hand-painted to ensure a unique experience for you!

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